Blink Health: Saving on Lilly Insulin

Lilly/Blink Health started a discount program back in December to help people pay for insulin. Attached is the brochure on the program.

Project Advocate ePatient Brochure (2).pdf (496.2 KB)

We are hearing more and more people (both in pharma companies and patient advocates) talk about the cost of insulin. What are your thoughts on this program by Lilly?

Lilly has worked with Express Scripts to offer a program accessible through Blink Health, particularly for people who are currently paying full retail price at their pharmacies, such as those who have no insurance or are in the deductible phase of their high-deductible insurance plans.

This page has a tool where you can pick the insulin you take, your pharmacy, and see if the program can help.

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I can’t stand tools that require you to enter an email. I don’t want to be stuck on a mailing list in order to get basic information on how much insulin will cost through Blink Health. That being said, I am interested in what those discounts might end up being. Wish there was an easier way to find out.

When I use that “tool,” all it does is produce the following readout (I searched for “Lantus”):

Insulin: SAVE – Enter Email to Find out More Information

That’s not a tool, that’s an advertising platform.

Edit: I’ve been well and truly corrected. I didn’t realize that the tool only worked for Lilly insulins, and was able to confirm that it does work for Lilly insulins.

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I didn’t enter my email & I searched for a vial of Humalog and got this

You’re right. It works for some searches and not others. I was able to search successfully for Lilly’s insulin products (Basaglar, Humalog, and Humulin) on the second go-round. Thanks for the correction!

Lantus is Sanofi though. The site is confusing because the search box does pull up non-Lilly products even though the discount program is Lilly-only. I tried “Novolog” for the same reason–and the same result–before I realized why. There’s an email signup on the results page but it’s not demanding you fill it out to get the info; it’s just on the page.

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Yep, thanks to @MarieB’s comment I have seen the light.

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