Blizzard Diet!

Last night I came upon the next fad diet…the DQ Blizzard Diet! This is the first time I have had one since being on the cgm, so I was very curious as to what my overnight numbers would be. I ate the blizzard around 9:00 pm, and did a 40/60 bolus over 1.5 hours. Would you believe I had the best night on my cgm that I’ve had since I began wearing it last month?! I had no peaks, nothing over 120, and woke up at 82. Hmmm, I think I’m on too something!

*disclaimer: Although the above results are true, please don’t hold me accountable for your own results:)

I thought this was going to be a weight-loss diet where you’re stranded in a blizzard and have nothing much to eat! This sounds way better.

Toni - I saw the headline and thought this post was about food rationing during a snowstorm (yeah, I guess only somebody from Minnesota would think that)…
I went to your blogspot blog and saw the beautiful pics and videos of your kids and
read about Jaelyn.
I have a niece from China. She is 4 years old and came when she was 1. She opened our hearts with just one look and it seems like she has been with us forever. She has 3 cousins, all older boys, and has taught them how to be nurturing young men. There is a picture of her on my page.
My favorite videos were the Valentine Song and the wrestling match. ANd yes, I will keep checking back for more.
Best wishes for much peace and joy in 2008.

Thanks Kathy! I know what you mean about the girls’ influence on the boys. I know my boys will make great Dads some day because of their sisters. Wrestling matches are nightly events around here. It’s especially funny when the tag team on the boys!

Your niece is a cutie. Kaia has been with us for 3 years also. Do you know where she is originally from? Bernard on tudiabetes has daughters from China also.

lol! too funny toni! i guess i was the only one who thought about DQ when i saw “blizzard diet”! we haven’t had a DQ in years in my town and really miss those blizzards. eat one in my honor!

Toni, Emily is from Hubei province. My sister has a map of China in her kitchen and Em points to it and says "Yup, that;'s where I was living before mom came to get me and bring me home in a big airplane."
I am friends with Bernard. He has quite the crew also!

giggles Sign me up for that diet!!! I love blizzards! Snickers is my fave!

Can you say Chocolate Extreme…

It is so good to hear about others with D who don’t shy away from such things as blizzards, which basically to a carb explosion!!! With a pump and monitoring, though, one with D can eat anything they want.