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I’ve been meaning to write something here for a while… so tada, here’s something.
I’ve got issues… okay would you like to hear about them? Not all bad issues, just stuff I’d like to talk about.

Issue 1: Julia’s birthday is coming up soon.
I know I’ve been told that she can eat anything she wants…but that doesn’t really take the stress of estimating and counting away. I dream of the day when she can sit down and have cake and ice cream and I won’t have to worry about counting accurately, and making sure she gets what she needs.

Issue 2: I love my endocrine doctor.
He’s wonderful. We communicate by email on a regular basis. He’s so friendly with Julia (she calls him prince Ali - like from Aladdin). I wish everyone could have a Dr. Ali. Actually No. I wish Julia didn’t have to see him at all, but if you have diabetes then a kind hearted doctor like him is worth his weight in diamonds!

Issue 3: Pump it up!
Still searching for the pump that’s best for Julia. Why are there so many good ones to choose from? I hate high pressure salesmen and sometimes thats what I feel like I’m dealing with. I hope I make the right choice for Julia. This seems like such a big decision…one that could affect her feelings about pumping for the rest of her life!

Issue 4: Youtube VS Reading
I was a minor youtube addict. Since the last Harry Potter book was released I can’t stop reading, and tear through novel after novel and I’ve left my Youtube projects unfinished, and my friends and subscribers hanging. Is this a bad thing? I’m not entirely sure. Reading is great, but pretty uncreative.

Hope your summer is going great!