Blog vs Forum?

First I wanted to thank everyone for the blogs here. I stop in and check on them periodically but sometimes, when time is tight, I blow them off and stick to hanging out in the “forum”. Is there a consensus as to a particular advantage between the “Blogs” section and the “Forum” section though? I check the Forum section a lot and it seems to get a lot more traffic and commentary on posts? Sometimes I find it odd that the persistent games take up 1/2 the posts on the first page of the “Forum” but I find there are almost always interesting discussions there and, when I compare the two, the content of “blogs” and the forum discussions seem very similar? Posts, comments, dialectical discourse about pros, cons and stuff from left field and humor and, occasionally, progress? Does anyone have any thoughts as to an advantage to using the blog section rather than the “Forum” section? I figured I might post it in both and see how the responses (if any…) compare?

Thank you all again for any answers to the questions!!

I usually blog if it’s more of just a generalized statement that I’m not looking for direct responses.

If I have a real question or want to get advice for something I’ll post in the forum. The other thing is that if I post in the forum a lot of people whom are not members of TuDiabetes do not see the questions.


I use the blog more for my personal rants and thoughts and about my life in general, I use the forums for info, insight,and sometimes even answers.

Agree that blogs are often more personal subjects. More blogs are added daily than forum discussions, so new blogs replace the older ones regularly. Forum gets more attention.

FYI–duplicates are not permitted. If you post to both areas, admin will delete one.

Sufu, what do you mean that non-members don’t see the forum? Anyone can view them, but they can’t respond unless they’re members.

I usually try to keep very personal posts to the blog area, and anything that I think is of general interest, or where I’m seeking general comment, in the forum. Sometimes I mess up and post in the “wrong” area. Ooops.

On my blog I have non-diabetics who are readers that do not come over to tudiabetes.

Also it seems that forums are more protected from admin removal than blogs. Just had another one removed last night for being too “polarizing”.