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Sorry all, the dissertation and review paper have been killing my time. I working on completing a few blog posts that are more on scientific side. So please bear with me that the blog has been rather bland lately.

  1. Let's Cut the Crap on Insulin Resistant - Straight Science
  2. Anatomy of the Urogenital Tract and Lymph Node Spread of Disease
  3. My Diabetic Crash Cart - What I Always Have with Me for School and Umpiring
  4. The Biology of Fat and Glucose Metabolism - Atkins and High Blood Sugar

Anything else? These will pry take me a couple months to complete. Anything quick you all want? I'll be working in the lab again this summer as well as with a major local pathology department and surgical clinics going through tissue blocks to find what I need to complete my research.


I would be most interested in the insulin resistant one!

I believe, that if broken down to the smallest micro molecule and beyond…what remains is pure energy. It comes from nothing,and turns into something.
So I am thinking…(scary i know) if something comes from nothing, then couldnt that something go back to nothing?

I am situationaly aware that all the ailments and diseases in my body are manifested by what I am in resistance to. I believe that what we resist, persists.

Having said that…I wonder… do we actually have the ability to heal ourselves? I have heard of people that have, never met them, but if we are all just energy, and we figure out how to stop our own resistance, it may just be possible.

Currently, I am waiting to see a surgeon to consult about removing my gallbladder as it apparently has many mnay stones inside and could cause real problems for me.
I imagine it may take awhile for the surgery to actually occur, so I am going to experiment on this theory myself.

I believe that what I have been in resistance to has caused me much heartache and I have been very angry. I believe that stones represent the anger I have chosen not to deal with and have it pent up inside me. My experiment will be for me to see if I can dissolve the stones, by dealing with the issues that I believe have caused them. I was also thinking about doing it for the diabetes as well but I think that the stones would be more tangable and easier to show results for.

As a scientist… what are your thoughts on this?