Blood glucose check reminder 630g pump

I am a newcomer to medtronic and I just started on the 630g from the animas vibe. One thing that really annoys me about the 630 is that after putting in your carbs and selecting the amount to bolus it asks you to remind in xxxx time after your bolus. If you don’t select in how many hours to remind you, you don’t receive the bolus. With the Vibe the reminder in 2 hrs after bolus was in a separate menu. So I turned this reminder off in the 630 and set my own personal times for 2 hours when I would approxiamately be finished eating. This way I press bolus and it will go without any extra button presses.

Dee, why are you checking 2 hours post bolus? Are you concerned the carb count is incorrect and it will show up in 2 hours? I guess i take it a different way, why not set a high limit alarm and deal with it if BS reaches a predetermined high number? Otherwise, I jut check whenever along the way.

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Yeah, I guess. I get used to a routine. I always had my Vibe remind 2 hours after meals. I’ve been carb counting for 14 years. When I first started on the pump they told me to test 2 hours after meals and that would show the impact of what I ate. I guess it’s not really necessary.