Blood Glucose levels question

Before I eat I check my blood sugar levels and sometime it is in the 100's, when I eat and check 2hrs later my blood sugar levels drop under 90 before I ever take my kombiglyze xr with my evening meal. Can anyone explain this z?i dont feel any weird symptoms though, I just find it odd that my levels drop like that.

With T2 diabetes, you often do not properly regulate your fasting blood sugar. I have chronically high fasting blood sugars. Something is just wrong. And when you eat, you trigger some natural insulin release. That insulin restores your blood sugar and may even overshoot. This happens because diabetes can result in messed up signaling to your pancreas and often your insulin release is sluggish and mistimed. Some people even have hypos after meals (this is called reactive hypoglycemia). I actually bolus insulin for meals and my after meals numbers are often my best numbers of the day. But my blood sugar will rise before the next meal. Danged fasting blood sugars.