Blood Glucose Varies


I am on week two on the Animas Ping. My first week my blood sugars dropped to normal levels and I felt sick. Once I adjusted to the lower levels I began to get energy I have not had in a couple of years. Now this week, my numbers began to climb again. So, we adjusted the 4am basal dose again…Now I tend to get low rapidly as well as I am also having higher numbers than I have ever had on the pump. Is this normal? My energy is back to what it was prior to pump. Will that go back to week one?

after my first week my bg was going hi as well. i finally narrowed it down to the infusion sets. at first, i was using the insets,
which were kinking quite alot; i had a success rate of just over 50% with the insets. so after some experimentation, i have found the comfort sets to be the best for my abdomen, and the contact detach to work best in my back. they are manually insertable; the comfort needle with an angled teflon, and the contact is straight metal. my succes with these sets is over 90 %. since finding the right sets, my hi bg is traceable to not enough bolus, and a furthur fine tuning of basal rates. i have also noticed that at the end of a cartridge, when it is around 10 units, alot of bubbles begin to form in the top of the reservoir and this inhibits insulin delivery. good luck, i imagine that finding the proper infusion set for your body type might help with your problem. go to and follow the products link to see a nice demo of their different sets.