Blood ketones - what levels to aim with low carb?

I got myself a new toy! :d the Freestyle optium!

so I understand the 2.0 something is a good place for low carb - ketosis state to loose weight.
I also know that ketoacidosis is like over 10.0.

So what should be the top limit to make you aware?
Do you test your ketones regular even with out been on the low carb diets?

There are TUDers with more knowledge than I on this, but the first thing is to understand that ketosis and DKA are not at all the same thing. The short answer is that low carb ketosis is not going to generate ketoacidosis. There are some good articles about the distinction online, as the similarity of the terms tends to bring this topic up a lot. This one’s a pretty good place to start:

I’ve been T1 since before 1978. I never test for ketones, because the couple of times that I did, when I was REALLY frickin’ HIGH, I didn’t have any. My wife, OTOH, sometimes gets ketones when she has completely normal bg’s but is super-low carbing. For some odd reason, she still low carbs but I haven’t smelled acetone on her breath in the last few years(that’s what it smells like to me).