Blood sugar nosedive on the school bus — heat?

Last Thursday, Eric arrived at his daycare at 12:30 after riding the school bus for a half hour. He had been 157 when he left, but when his daycare provider tested him on arrival, he was 51. A drop of over 100 points! I've seen him drop like that on a few occasions but it's usually when he is wicked high, gets corrected with a shot, and drops down into normal range. I'm guessing it was a combination of the heat plus having had water instead of milk with his snack at 10:00. Does this sound reasonable?

Just by way of comparison, today is also a fairly hot day, but not as hot, and today he had milk with his snack instead of water. His BG dropped by 28 points from the time he left school to the time he arrived at daycare.

I find the heat affects me as well, any amount of activity when its hot out and I drop like a sack of potatos. The only thing that seems to work for me is munching on berries or cherries while I am walking around in the heat. hope that helps!

Heh, your comment reminds me that potatoes tend to shoot Eric high and keep him there... maybe I should provide potato chips for his snack when it's hot.

Also depends on what else was the snack? Some foods leave quickly, which can leave insulin around too. Stick with the milk, that'll help a LOT.

That's the funny thing... it was yogurt. Stonyfield Farm mango honey, to be precise. Twenty-three carbs enmeshed in dairy. But, low-fat dairy. So maybe...