Blood sugar RISE after morning workout

Clip it to my shorts. But it’s also strapped down, sort of, with my Spibelt, in which I carry my ID, keys, meter and glucose tabs.


Here’s my current plan, as always, YMMV:

I don’t usually turn it down for hours before I go. A lot of times, I have stuff to do and squeeze the runs in but, rather than “up” I want it in “the middle” so I can keep adding carbs during the run, like 8-15/ 3 miles, in the Gatorade, which is important. I think the spikes are 1) due to adrenaline as I almost always sprint when I get close to home and 2) due to the CGM lag, for a while it was dropping during and staying down so, when I got some shorts that would hold my meter, I would test like 6 or 7 miles in and the CGM “64” would be a meter 95 so it was going up, likely from the carbs. When I wasn’t metering, and just following the CGM, I was treating the CGM lows I didn’t need to treat. The last few runs, I’ve run down to 82 at the end of the run and then spiked to 120-140 maybe? This is still a spike but not a huge project.