Blood sugar shot up when you have not eaten anything

My daughter got her Leremir at bedtime… Checked her blood sugar half an hour later. And she is over 300…why is that?? She didn’t eat anything after dinner…

Hi Marie
How was her blood sugar before? What time did she eat?
I ask that because some kinds of food still raises my blood sugar after few Hours I ate it. As an example is pizza… It can raise my sugar still 2-3 after i eat it.
Anyway what you describe is not unusual for me, sometimes, for no apparent reason, my sugar goes up. It was 100, i didnt eat anything and after 1 hr when i measure again its 300… it can be related to some kind of stress, or anxiety, or any situation like that, but on the other hand sometimes I cant relate to any factor like that.
So, If the insulin is within the validation date, the application of it did well (i mean, no insulin was wasted, sometimes it happens), and there is no other factor you could relate to this high, I would just relax, and think that as diabetics eventually our sugar will go up, and we can’t suffer, we just have to take action as soon as possible to don’t let it happen for a long amount of time. That would be my advice.
I have had a hard teenager diabetic years, So much changes and my sugars were usually high, anyways, I am so thankful after 18 years I am super healthy, i have no complications, and now i am working really hard to maintain my health as it is.
Good lucky for you and your daughter!

My guesses - in no particular order…

  • Underestimated the dinner bolus
  • Overestimated the dinner bolus - she hit a bad low and her liver overcompensated
  • Test was bad - wash hands and try again
  • Just one of those freak occurrences
  • She snuck a cookie after dinner
  • Stress/hormones/getting sick?

Her dinner may not have finished digesting until later after her dinner bolus was gone. Protein & fat slow down digestion. Somet kids also eat & don’t tell their moms:) Another reason for unusual highs is sickness. My BG shoots up before I feel any symptoms of being ill.

How old is your daughter?

Growth spurts will cause this.
Hormonal changes starting around age 10 will cause this.
Impending Illness will cause this (often the first sign)
High Fat/High Protein Meals such as pizza, chinese food can cause spikes like this hours after the meal.

Figure it out…Dad gave her ice cream…she is 7 yrs old. Thanks for all your help.

Possibly a reaction to something that went wrong during the previous 48 hours. Or she is coming down with an infection. Chances are that her bloods will be better in the morning. Blood sugars are strange things! I find for example that a perfectly healthy breakfast will send me up to 28 millimols - 33 being high! It eventually settles. What did she eat for supper?

She is 7 years old with diabetes. Dad needs some learning. :o(

And don’t forget the number one answer.

Basal insulins can take literally hours to reach effectiveness!!!

Levemir quotes 45min-2 hrs before peaking.

Being a Dad myself, I sometimes clandestinely treat my kids, that way they think I love them right before I ground them.

Ice cream will for sure cause this :slight_smile: Glad you got it figured out. Hey, at least Dad admitted it.