Blood Sugar spikes from coffee?


This is exactly why I switched to liquid stevia. Splenda can be purchased in a liquid form, or at least you used to be able to buy it that way, but I don’t know if you can anymore or not.


One espresso coffee pushes my BSLs from normal to high in 15 minutes. It’s so annoying. And that’s a coffee unaccompanied by food.

But at times the same highs occur without any coffee or food. It’s so random.


Makes sense. I’ll give it a try.


May I ask - Did you ever get this issue sorted?
I am still struggling with it and tried many strategies with no success.
With thanks


Hot foods/drinks accelerate the digestion of carbohydrates. If you’ve had any food before or after a hot beverage, it’s going to cause a spike. Coffee can also cause it’s own spike, but the heat amplifies this spike.

In fact, my best way of managing a stubborn low is to drink hot chocolate. Lots of sugar and lots of heat. Only recommended for severe stubborn lows though because the rebound can be pretty bad otherwise.

Anytime you want to accelerate your glucose digestion… add heat!


The things a person learns on this forum… Impressive


I have been dosing 2 units for my single cup of morning instant coffee for years now. I used liquid Splenda in it plus a slosh of whipping cream. Recently, to address my wonky digestion, I decided to drop Splenda and use a raw honey instead. Found that honey doesn’t need any extra insulin above the 2 units I had been taking.

Started to look into what else was happening. I take levothyroxine daily just before I drink my coffee. Googled it and found that it raises blood glucose. Also, the whipping cream has some stabilizers in it (WalMart private label) that could raise BG as well. Also read that coffee can have an effect on the adrenals and adrenaline is the “fight or flight” hormone that definitely raises BG. So, take your pick on the cause. Lots to choose from there. :roll_eyes:


I tried this the last two days. It worked. No hot drinks earlier and my blood sugar levels are much more stable.