Blood Sugar Test Costing Only 5 Cents To Detect 133 Million Undiagnosed Diabetics In India

The government of India has decided to make available diabetes screening tests costing just 5 cents across the country. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) says the test to determine whether a person is suffering from diabetes could be available in a year-and-a-half. Whether this program will be launched as part of the National Diabetes Census announced last year is not clear.

“Given the fact that India is a known as a diabetes hub, union (federal) health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad is taking keen interest in the project. We have been told that it must be completed as early as possible,” announced ICMR director-general Dr VM Katoch in Mumbai on May 12, adding the news of such an inexpensive test being introduced has already prompted some pharma companies to rework their pricing policy and reduce the cost of their blood sugar testing kits.

Katoch says the project will be a major breakthrough. “At present, the cost of the test is between around $1.5-2. This may not be affordable to the poor. For them, the $0.05 test will be a godsend,” said Katoch. “We are executing the project with the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur, and a private pharmaceutical company.”

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That is ready cool:) they should do that in the USA. I think the Pharmaceutical companys need todrop the cost on meters and the Darn Strips, they are a big part of controling Diabetes, I think they relish in the fact we have to spent alot, and they make such big Profits and our pockets are bare…

I wonder in India, do thye there know diet is a big factor. all the starch and sugars? It took the US a Long < long time to understand cutting this stuff helps BS.

Hope this will be an example to other countries.

Awesome! Yay for India. That certainly is a BIG step forward for the possible Diabetics in your country who couldn’t afford the tests otherwise… I hope that the following treatments for those who are dxd. will also be on the cheaper level and Good education is a must also, that they can understand and adhere to. Motivational programs are also Very important for so many, as you know.

Kudos to India for this progressive step.