Blood Sugars doing POORLY..FRUSTRATED WHAT am I doing wrong, please help?

Here is the deal:

SS Correction 110-130=2 unit Novalog, 31-150=4, 151-170=6, 171-190=8, 191-250=10 and 250 and above=12

Bolus at 1:10 ratio additionally. That was a new adjustment from 1:15

Lantus - split 2 doses daily. 27 AM and 27 pm with increase of 1 unit each dose evvery 3 days.

I am counting my carbs closely, following instructions. and still OMG...

Started out this AM at 185.. prob from oversleeping. Took 8 units correction and added 3 units bolus: Breakfast: 9:15 am - 1 slice toast Whole wheat 18 grams, 1 T peanut butter natural organic, 2 eggs scrambled with 1/2 ounce of canadian bacon, diced celery and onion. 11:25am = BS 244, 12:40 = 240, 1:27 pm =207 Lunch: 1:30 2 cups of vegetable soup all vegatables with 2 crackers CARBS =13 grams total= Correction 10 units and 2 units bolus,, 3:30pm BS 248, 5:06pm 163, 6:11 152 Dinner time: 3 oz roast beef, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, 1/2 cup roasted carrots, tossed green salad with dressing TOTAL CARBS = 30 - correction 6 unitys bolus 3 units. 7:24 PM 253, 9:15 pm 223, 10:45 189...........took my 27 u of Lantus at 10. This is new novolog so it should be working... supposed to eat BF30-AM SNAX15-Lunch30-45, 15 afternoon SNAX, 30-45 dinner and 15 pm snax...... who can eat a snack with those numbers>

No the potatoes were not loaded with butter or sour cream, the meat was lean.

Very frustrating , is n’t it .
I am a pumper, so not too sure if , what I say here will help you .I also had a high at 7 am…in the past 2 hours up from 6.7 ( x 18 ) to 9.4 ( x 18 ) on my sensor and gave a correction bolus by needle …and have not had any food yet. I hold off eating ( carbs and protein ) till numbers are in the normal range; do drink H2O …my high numbers do not occur too often and am clear, that I am not missing out on nutrients.My number on my sensor in the norm now . I also have learned, that mashed potatoes increase the BG’s far too quickly ( glycemic index LOW ) Better to eat nuts. Do you add exercise to your daily program ?
Hope you get these numbers to your satisfactory levels .Were your numbers yesterday high as well ?Are you seeing an Endo ? Tu members on simelar insulins will be better at answering , no doubt .

You sound pretty Insulin resistant. That has to be hard. Your carb load doesn’t seem high but your Insulin dose is big.

Hi there - not sure this will help, but thought I’d share my experiences.
I found that when I woke up with a high BG, it was generally the Somogyi Effect (do a search on that to learn more)…basically going too low during the night and then my body overcompensating. I am very susceptible to this “bounceback” effect.
Have you tried testing yourself through the night a few times to see what’s happening? How did you determine your basal rate(s)? Why continue increasing it if you don’t know what your rate should be?
I also found that if I ate too close to bedtime, it could affect my numbers a bit in the morning.
I:C ratio of 1:10 - for what time of day? I have 3 different ratios as my body is more or less insulin resistant depending on the time of day. In the morning, for example, my ratio is 1:5 - so I eat mostly protein.

Personally, I am a low-carber. It makes control sooooo much easier. My last A1c was 5.5.

Take care,