Blood sugars - highs, lows and overnight

Blood sugars - highs, lows and overnight

Today is my 36th wedding anniversary and that was what I was going to write about today. I wanted to say that my wife probably saved my butt from myself, that she means everything to me and that due to her we have two magnificent sons two daughter in laws and three grandchildren that I adore. That was what I was going to write about.

Unfortunately, something got in the way. It started innocent enough. We were going out for dinner and ended up at the local Chinese restaurant. I worked hard to stay away from the high carb items. I ate as well as possible, looking for lower carb items; none were in sight, and dodging the obvious traps. It didn’t work.

Jump tot eh end at midnight I was 378, and suffering. Oh it is nothing new really, Chinese always does that to me, and I do love Chinese, unfortunately it does not like me. All evening I tried to get my blood sugar lower, pushing insulin to try and keep it in check but it seemed the more I pushed the higher I got.

I understand the difference between bold attack and stupid escalation, but I also get rising blood sugar and how I was going to feel today if I don’t leverage this blood sugar down. After some strategic dosing I went to bed.

So at 3:00 Am I was awakened, not by dawns early light, rather by nights really low. I drank some juice, tried some peanut butter crackers and finally got it up around 4:00 AM. So I climbed back in bed, exhausted and went back to sleep.

Now I usually don’t sleep very well at night and almost never sleep past 6;00 Am, but today my wife woke me around 7:45. I sampled my blood sugar and I was happy to find a respectable 139. Trouble was I am not hungry, I really can barely think of food and frankly I feel awful.

So the anniversary day starts with a crash, 1.3 units of Humalog and hope that I will get to feeling better shortly. After all, it is our anniversary and well we have dinner planned. It will not be Chinese however, maybe some classic American fare?

Happy anniversary to my lovely wife, she was sympathetic this morning and offered some kind words. But really she does that every day. After all without these past 36 years I would not have a good reason to wake up today.




A happy anniversary to you Rick and your wife! Congratulations to 36 years of marriage. I wish you guys more years of wonderful life.
I love Chinese too...sadly I have similar effects of bg spikes :(

Happy 36th anniversary to you and your wife! Have a special day followed by many, many special years.

thank you for the well wishes.

when i eat chinese food i ask for sauce on the side & just eat part of it & bolus for it & take home the rest.

Happy Anniversary Rick and an especially happy anniversary to your bride. And congrats for sort of surviving the attack of the Chinese food. It's always the stuff we like that does us in. And sometimes it really doesn't matter much how we attempt to control fate - maybe American tonight ? Not sure that is much better though but good luck.

***Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Rick on your 36th Anniversary!!***

May you be blessed with many more loving years and happy memories with all of your Family.....and(Dewy)99jr. ;)