Blood sugars will not go down with insulin ... help!


So sorry you are being aggravated by the same situation . I know how scary and frustrating it is ! I finally finally found out after about 5 weeks that it was a new bp medication my endo put me on was causing it. I had called endo when I was having trouble and he never said a word about the diazepam so I naively trusted him . My BS went down as soon as I went off medication. I have to admit that I will never trust my endo to really listen to me or adequately problem solve with me in the future. Good luck to you. I know you will figure it all out too !!


Irbesartan is suppose to help protect kidney function in type 2.

I took it for years for BP, BEFORE I was diagnosed with type 2, and when my BP was becoming more elevated, docs insisted I stay on the irbesartan and ADD another BP med because of the value the irbesartan had for my kidneys.

Maybe it acts differently for T1 vs T2. I just hope I am not taking something to protect my kidneys when it may actually be doing harm.


@Babs5 - I didn’t mean to imply irbesartan damaged my kidneys, that was 30+ years of T1D prior to starting any BP meds (Irbesartan, coincidentally, was that drug).

I was told to stop all my BP meds when my creatinine were exceedingly elevated. Within 2 or 3 days everything returned to normal (including insulin sensitivity)


There is a business, Integrated Diabetes, in PA owned by a T1 named Gary Schiener. When I am having troubles like yours, that is who I call. I live in MO and have a very good Endo here but Integrated Diabetes is better. The company works with people all over the country. It’s the best help I have found in 50 years of Diabetes. Their number is (610) 642 6055.


Thanks @Kimball1 :slight_smile:


I know the place. I been there. Met Gary and mentioned his book. He was very gracious. If in PA, Penn diabetes clinic is good as well


I have/had the flu. Sugars went up to 300. Babied my self tea and sugar free Riccola cough drops( probably up my sugar some). Today I took a walk , watched King Kong for 30 min on a stationary bike and sugars dropped to 69. I will be seriously noting all food and events this month.