Blood testing? A thing of the past?


The approach that @Terry4 uses might allow the level of customization you are looking for. (Only a guess.)


I don’t what his approach is.

EDIT: I think I left something out. LOL! I guess I meant to write,“I don’t know what his approach is” (referring to Terry’s approach).


Was on vacation last week. Helped me to break my habit of checking up on the G6. It is so frustrating to always see the G6 match my meter. I will now check after insertion only. If the number is in the ballpark, I will forego further checks. I noticed that all of a sudden I am less willing to prick my fingers. G6 is a game changer. All the other changes in the last 10 years were incremental. G6 will obsolete BG strips. I was always reluctant to buy into any hype after reading in 1991 about GlucoWatch availability within a year. G6 made a jump that I thought was in the far future. I am now starting to hope for a cure.


I guess everyone is different, but I found the G4 was good enough never to test with, and never did except for calibrations or if I felt something was truly off. I didn’t find the G5 had any better accuracy, but I can’t speak for the G6 since I haven’t tried it yet. A lot of people complain about the Libre but I find it pretty good and almost never test. At least compared to the G4/G5 it is better at catching spikes than Dexcom was for me. I’m not precise enough in my dosing that I think it makes a difference if Dexcom or Libre says I’m in the 5s and I’m really in the 4s or 7s for example, so don’t see the need to confirm anything with a glucometer unless I feel something is truly off.