Blood Testing: Pain or Privilege?

How do you feel about checking you blood sugar?

Is it a PAIN? in finger pain…painfully expensive…a painful waste of time…a painful inconvenience…another painful reading that tells you how bad you’re doing


Is is a PRIVILEGE? in a privilege to know whats going on in your body…a privilege to get an accurate real-time reading…a privilege to have control…a privilege to use a modern day medical miracle

I know it’s a little of both, but on most days, when you squeeze that precious droplet out of your calloused fingertip…when you hand over your debit card to buy another vial of strips…when you have to carry your meter everywhere you go…

…how do feel about the whole thing?

as someone who grew up with Tes tape and Clinitest, I can tell you I was first in line to buy a glucose meter back in the early 90’s. I am glad to have it, but even happier to have my cgms.

It is a pain for so many reasons … the mere fact that we are required to do it, the interruption in my day that people without diabetes do not have to deal with, the cost associated with testing, etc. But, on the positive side, consider yourself fortunate that you can afford to test at all. In many third-world countries, the cost is so prohibitive that people cannot afford to test, so in that regard, it is a privilege, but I would not use the term privilege … I look at it more like a ball and chain!

I don’t think of it as a pain or privilege, although we are fortunate to have glucometers. I think of it as a requirement for good control. I remember watching my dad to his testing. He had a test tube rack in the bathroom, and he tested his urine. Not a very effective way to managing your blood sugars!