Blood work

just a question.does anyone get bloodwork in the same arm where your pod is on that day.we usually dont since they put the band on before drawing blood.but the lab people dont recognize the pod or never know how to answer this question.

I think I have. The pod was on the back of the upper arm & they put the needle in the vein in the elbow. Subcutaneous vs veinous. No problem!

I have, and it was not a problem. I usually wear my pods kinda high on my arm anyway.

I am lucky that my diabetes doc does a finger stick to get the a1c and the results come out in 5 labs

Many times, never a problem!

The A1C should not be the only test your diabetes team does. Cholesterol, FBC, U&E, thyroid function, lipids etc should all be tested.

Cholesterol is done as well, everything they can do from the finger stick is what they do...I have a bigtime issue with drawing blood out of arm from a LOT of surgery as a whatever they get from finger is what they get

I’ve only had my Omnipod a month, so all of this is very new to me (I had a Medtronic for years prior). I’m curious about the original question; what were you thinking the outcome might be if they do draw it from the same arm?

If you are concerned about the turnicate and the pod is on your arm, just direct them to the other arm. The bigger issue is the blood pressure cuff, as those can be pretty wide. I just say "I've got my insulin pump on that arm -- let's use the other."

Latest trip to the ER for dehydration....they put a wristband on me so nobody would mess with that arm...first time I had experienced that. I think I told 3 people about the Pod...felt like they should pay ME instead of the other way around :)

I have had blood taken from the arm that my pod was on... no problems.