Bloodsugar chex

Hi all, just wanted to get an idea of how often and when to check bloodsugars while pregnant. I’ve done this all before w/ my first pregnancy, but it’s been 5 years since then! Let me know your thoughts… thanx!

I may get the Dexcom CGM, but my insurance only covers 1/2 of it, so it'd be $520 out of pocket and then, $140/mo. in supplies.. might have to bite the bullet though.

Hi Denise,

I currently check my sugars about 6-10 times a day…really depending on whether I’ve guessed my carbs for a meal or not. I always check before eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then 2 hours after…and also right before I go to bed so I’m not too low or high before falling asleep! I would totally go for the pump, it has been an absolute lifesaver these last two years I’ve been using it, and I will never go back to injections! It is unfortunate that we have to pay anything out of our pocket for it but well worth it, and at least we can file it in our taxes every year!

Good luck with everything!

I remember checking upwards of 10-12 times a day wihle pregnant. I wish the CGM was out during my pregnancies, it would have saved my fingers!

My kiddos are 5, 9 and 12, so its been a while.

I check about 8 times a day, if not more if I take additional insulin to adjust. I am not on a pump.
Like others, always before a meal, and 2 hrs after at a minimum. Finding at week 28 that I need
a lot more insulin right now and still trying to adjust. Going through insulin pens like crazy now …