Blowing Off Steam!

My endo has billed me $600 for my OmniPod initial training. Apparently BCBS doesn’t cover the cost of training. I wasn’t told this when I signed up for this wonderful adventure. What makes me furious is that my training involved the OmniPod rep…why, you say? The office pump trainer had never trained a pod candidate. So…why charge me for her training??? OK, charge me some minimal fee for supplying the numbers to plug in; but, $600. This is NUTS!

Hey, no s… Sherlock!

Wow. This is unbelievable. They definitely should have mentioned/ checked if your insurance covers the training!

I wonder why insurance won’t cover this? They will pay for your pump but not teaching you to use it well?? Doesn’t make any sense!

Oh…that’s just what I tend to say when I’m really upset and it’s apparent to everyone why. I left out the expletive. Nothing personal…at least NOT towards you.

That is so strange Janice - that you and others have been charged for training on your pumps. I have never heard of this being done here in Canada. For the two pumps I’ve been on over the years - the companies that sold me my pump would provide me with a qualified person - bit of a wait mind you due to not many knowledgable people in the pumping area (it’s still relatively new here in my country) - but still - even one hour with someone helped answer questions that I had that I couldn’t figure out on my own/manual.

Janice, this IS strange. I use a Paradgm 522, an upgrade, and was trained by the Minimed Pump trainer at her office, She was a resident at a nearby children;s hospitall , a Type 1 paradgim pump wearer herself, and my docor’s office had nothing to do with the initial training. I thought all pump companies did it like this. The doctor may provide an office for the training, but the trainers are paid by the pimp comopanies…Is that not the procedure for Insulet? Maybe you should ask on the Omnipod users groupI think there is one…I do not thinkj that youshould be held liable for a training that your doc’s office does not provide…

God Bless

I just started on the Paradigm system last week and Medtronic/Minimed sent a terrific trainer out to my house, and I don’t believe there’s any charge for this.

Same here for me. I was trained by a Minimed rep and I was never charged a dime. When I had originally asked my endo for training he said “oh, you’re one of those people” implying that I am stupid for even wanting training. Minimed just took charge for me though and had me train with one of their people.

It is absolutely ridiculous that they’d charge you that much. I guess it’s like all things in healthcare here . . . overpriced for no reason.

OK GUYS…The first phone call this morning was from my OmniPod representative telling me NOT to pay the ridiculous bill. He said that Insulet would “resolve” the issue. We have enough problems in life and surely don’t need someone/something else piling on. I appreciate all of your comments.

Recheck with the pump company. My training was covered by them. If they do not cover it go back to the insurance company and appeal. If they ok you for the pump then how are you supposed to use it if you do not get trained on how to use it.

Janice- My guess is that the doc’s office incorectly coded the bill they sent to insurance. I have had training at the doc’s office 3 times for different pumps and it is always covered by BCBS. Insurance is all about the coding, I have been billed for other things and when I tell the provider they recode it and I don’t pay. Also, the doc’s office should have been paying you. They were wasting your time while their person was educated. Just my opinion.

Glad to hear insulet is going to take care of it for you!

I had a situation late last year when one of my doctor’s offices had incorrectly coded my services. They refused to admit their mistake and insisted that I pay the outstanding balance. The insurance company even called them and explained to them that if they would simply re-code and re-submit, everything would be paid. They refused!! This went back and forth until I was informed that this matter would be turned over for collections and I would not be allowed to return. I was forced to plead to the insurance company and a supervisor asked me what services I had had; and re-coded it herself. RESOLVED. I informed my doctor about all of the hassel and presented him with the letter from the insurance company. The doctor is outstanding…obviously some of his office staff are NOT!

I would keep him informed about this. He will know he is losing patients over stuff like this. It should not be that hard to get care. Even if it is a big clinic the docs have a lot of pull. If they want change it will happen. You should not have to work that hard to use him!