Blown CGM sensor?

I got up early for a local 5K race today, my MM CGM sensor I'd inserted yesterday was being a bit wiggy. I woke up great, 94, had breakfast, bolus for 20G thinking toast, eggs and have a V8 if it didn't spike. Wandered around in circles getting my stuff together and, maybe 20 minutes before "go time", I check and it's 65 so I immediately pound the gatorade and keep getting ready, still maybe 1.5-2U of insulin cooking away, not a good recipe for a race. Test BG 10 minutes later, 140, eek, CGG still running lower, down in the 50s now so I figure "I'll calibrate again" and head to the race, 140s ok.

Got to race, found a great parking spot and tested 160, CGM coming around. Then wandered around enjoying the perfect conditions, stretching and warming up, ran the race (PR, w00t!) checked and CGM said 286!! EEEK again!

I just said "forget it" and did a CB and headed home, figuring I'd wash up @ home before I'd bother testing as I always suspect a lot of my running gear has jelly bean/ gatorade slurry all over it. I got home and BG 140 on the meter, w/ CGM now finding 306. I usually get much better results out of the CGM running and haven't had it blow up like that ever. Fortunately the weather is spectacular and I'm not going to let the loss of a gizmo ruin a lovely day but, at the same time, do I just yank it and start over? I have had to administer a bowl of Trix as I'm now 78 w/ IOB...

Sometimes I found success with turning off the sensor and re-starting a couple hours later. Those sensors are always so annoying. Have a great day!

Thanks! That's a great idea! I'm going to engage in risk-taking and work on my tan!

For me , one of the reasons why my walk time result during the Great Aloha Run , Feb 20 in Honolulu , 8.15 miles were less than fantastic :) ...I ended up poking 5 times , if I recollect and turned the sensor off and re-started later on ...first poke after the walk's result 6.5 ( x 18 ) , which pleased me! Wait at biffies long too

I had freakish results the whole time I was on the CGM. The reason I gave it up. I walked around town today, and Jimmy's was jammed packed, so ate at 5 guya, yummie but way too many carbs, but so far so good and my gait from my head trauma was not too shabby either. Signing up for PT to fix gait issues, now if they can just develope a sensor that is spot on, that would be lovely, as my highs and lows do me in most days.

How long was your sensor in? I have found that my sensors seem to require a longer warm up or wetting time. This was especially true with dated sensors.

It seems that as the sensor sets for an extra long time that a lower ISIG results in the same fingerstick. The result is my CGM spikes incorrectly. The sensor only holds the last 4 calibrations so I have just calibrated a bunch to throw out the bad calibrations.

I put it in yesterday and it worked really well. I figured the "turbulence" in the AM was the enhanced DP the day after a really flat line, nothing like over 119 or so? It's become eerie how the DP will get wound up the day after the super flat days. Or maybe something else, I dunno. I've never had a spike to 250 register on the pump unless my BG has been spiking. I was totally surprised by the 140 on the glucometer, which isn't totally out of line with what I often see after a hard run, plus having treated the fake low (from the CGM, I know you're not supposed to do that...) w/ the V8, sort of a soft treatment but still a kick. 140 would be where I would have expected it to have been. W/ the high 200s, I figured my pump had blown up or my set got pulled out or something but it was just the CGM.

Mine usually work pretty well, if they are off, they tend to be off in the direction I'm going which is useful enough.

We had some therapists who did a "seminar" about running injuries at the Running Company last year and I found them very helpful. I hope that goes well for you!

The last time we went to 5 Guys, I just had a Diet Coke as my BG had been acting odd (BG, not the gizmos!) and I figured I just didn't want to spend the evening cleaning up the mess. I like a lot of the restaurants down there but there's not really a whole lot of stuff that orients towards the lower end of the carb spectrum.

My go-to burger is the "carnivore style". Some restaurants will make if you ask: beef, cheese, onion, tomato, no sauce, served with a couple of "side slabs" of iceberg lettuce as the "bun". Yum!!! I wonder if you can get that at 5 Guys (I've never been, but there's a new one here.)

I have only eaten once in a restaurant of any kind since the end of December (due to my new/weird/restricted diet) but if I do go out, it will be steak and salad (or steamed veggies) or a "carnivore style" burger. Everything else is going to be drenched in starch.