Blunt Lancet: The music, the passion, the story

We were just sitting around one day, poking our fingers and strumming a few chords …

Blunt Lancet is a work of staggering musical genius, and a radical new form of diabetes treatment humor. Join the fan club!

What they’re saying on Twitter about Blunt Lancet:

-Did I see that one of the #BluntLancet members may leave to form a death metal band called Rage Bolus?

-#BluntLancet sales pass 10000 “units” after VH1.

–Attention #BluntLancet fans: we are looking for back-up lancers. Auditions will commence at 3:00pm.

Clever Kim wrote the first Blunt Lancet blog (to get the FULL story, you need more than 140 characters). And from there, the legend has grown, fueled by the passion of fans, a hundred-thousand backlit meters and pumps waved at every stadium concert, cover bands, a Roadie tell-all, new releases, even mention on

Now show your support for your favorite band with the purchase of Blunt Lancet merch. Proceeds (10% commission on all sales) will be donated to our favorite diabetes awareness non-profit organization, the Diabetes Hands Foundation. Which, of course, runs our beloved

Rock on, diabetes friends!

YES! I’m ordering my BL gear this weekend. :slight_smile: Thanks for doing all of this, Kelly. You are the definition of “awesome”.

This is so AWESOME! I am ordering my own #BluntLancet shirt as a birthday present for myself!!! Great D-Meetup attire and helping out a great cause all at the same time, indeed! Nice work, Kelly and all others who’ve created such a hit phenom.

Shirts currently available in blood red, bruise blue, and many other colors, but not yet Clinitest orange!

BluntLancet sighting, over at The Diabetic’s Corner Booth.

The Saga continues, with one reporter discovering what could be the true inspiration and formation of Blunt Lancet - the greatest diabetic rock band of all time.

Head-banging thanks to Blünt Lancet fans around the globe: The band just sent Diabetes Hands Foundation (of which tudiabetes is only one of many diabetes awareness efforts) a donation for $100–merch proceeds!