Blurred eye site at dusk

I have noticed over the past week as the sun goes down right around 2 to 3 hrs before dark my eye site gets real blurry kind of like looking through a glass makes me feel kind of dizzy and out of balance then when its completely dark it goes away and my eye site returns to normal and the dizzy out of balance feeling goes away. It never happens during the day time only at dusk.

I had the same issue or similar issue. I even went to the eye doctor and he told me my eyes were fine. I thought it may be my contacts and an issue with the eyes adjusting to the change of light. Still no answer from the medical field for me.

Is there a correlation with your BG levels? I had an ophthalmologist tell me that eyesight can fluctuate on an hour-by-hour level along with BG levels. More common in people with T1 or significant T2.

my opthamologist told me when the BGs are up your retinas swell which can really alter your vision.

I agree definitely check your sugar levels. the fuzziness could be related