BNatural Jamun Juice to control blood sugar

FYKI (For Your Kind Information)

BNatural has a list of Juices, one of which is Jamun Juice. It is said to control blood sugar. It is available in India, not sure about other countries.

The fruit Jamun -
(PS: I am not an employee or associated with this company :slight_smile:

I would be very much interested in knowing about similar fruits and other juice products which may help in controlling blood sugar.


Well, I don’t know, but I will tell you that all claims that Gulab Jamun controls blood sugar are patently false!

ps. And canned Gulab Jamun just seems so wrong, a very oversweet treat made deliberately nasty as though to make you punish yourself for eating them.

Hi, I suggest you read the following section of the Bloodsugar101 website. Click on ‘Drugs and Food’ then click on ‘The myth of healing foods’.

Or you can always do your own independent verification of any foods’ claims. Simple enough to do with a control meal and then testing your BG.

Be sceptical of claims by anybody trying to sell you a product. Only trust your blood glucose meter. It will not try to deceive you!!

The only fruit product which sometimes helps lower my BG is wine.

I dont understand how something with 12g of carbs per serving will help control blood sugar…all that’d do for me is send my BG up 48 mg/dl or so…

Ok, you caught me there. I actually know the difference, I’m just teasing you. Jamun (scientific name is Syzygium cumini) is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment. You can use the fruit or the seeds. There is research to support the idea that Jamun inhibits alpha-amylase activity. Reducing amylase disrupts the digestive conversion of starch into glucose in much the same way that acarbose works. Both the seeds and fruits can be used and often you use an extract, you don’t just eat the fruit.

There is every reason to believe that many Aurvedic treatments like Jamun do work and are real, but in many cases they have not been well studied by modern medicine and the effects are often not as powerful as some of the modern drugs like metformin. And if you are going to eat canned Gulab Jamun you are probably beyond help.

Anyone can make claims, but that doesn’t mean it’s factual. Marketing to make money to cash in on disease. The web is overflowing with nonsense products that claim to cure everything.

No juice is going to control BG. Absurd. Fructose is the worst type of sugar when concentrated. Fruit in its natural state, though not ideal for most diabetics, contains fiber. Juice is concentrated fructose.

What helps control BG is limiting carbs, exercise & having the appropriate treatment. There are no magic bullets.

Hey, thanks for the insights. I did not know there was so much to it.

While there may well be validity to Ayurvedic treatments, I must caution you that in this modern world, we are flooded with many scam treatments. In the US, there is no tradition to Ayurvedic medicine and the market is driven by pirates flooding us with useless diabetic treatments. Many “claims” are made about their effectiveness without basis and many fall victim to these supplements which are a huge waste of money, inneffective and sometimes even dangerous.

If you wish to seek Ayurvedic treatment, that is fine. In the US, I would run away from such products, usually sold over the internet or on late night TV, they are invariably a scam. And even if Jamun is effective in blocking some of the absorption of carbs, it is generally going to be less effective than a low carb diet.

BSC - a little off topic, but I must point out that it is theoretically possible to make low-carb gulab jamuns. I imagine you could make the batter with almond flour and the syrup with sweeteners.

I emphatically second your thought about scams.