Body adapting to activities

April 3rd, 2014

It’s taken a few weeks but my blood sugars seem to have adapted to this change in activity. At least diabetes and I have found a rhythm that is starting to work. It is so easy to want to NOT do anything to change your diabetic routine because it ALWAYS throws your blood sugar control off at first. Eventually though you will find a way to make it work but change is never easy with diabetes.

My doctor gets upset by my lack of variety in my meals. When you find what works for you, you want to stay with it to keep some stability, some control in your life but then you find that Life is controlling you and that you’re no longer in control of yourself.

It’s taken 5 years to accept that I am my own experiment. The doctors/educators/ can only make suggestions. They have a lot of knowledge that they learned through other diabetics and books but the actual doing of life is going to be different for me than it will be for another diabetic so I use their input as a guideline and not the Bible.

I’m certain that there is another diabetic out there who has thru hiked the AT but I’m not sure how to find him or her but over the next 3 years I’m certain our paths will cross.

If not, then my hope is that this Journal will help other diabetics find a way to live their own lives and not settle for a changeless life of routine and schedule, where life controls you instead of the other way around.

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