Body Cramps

Anyone out there get body cramps associated with a sinus infections? Or body cramps in general?

I get horrible leg cramps when I have high blood sugar for an extended period of time. It is also caused by a potassium deficiency (I think). Look up some foods that are high in potassium. I know that bananas and broccoli are.

Sinus infections can make your blood sugar really high. Have you been measuring your blood sugar? How have they been?

I get them when my blood sugars have been high. I increase the water intake and try to eat a banana every morning. If I stay on that type of schedule, I dont get them as often.

Lack of potassium is usually caused by medications taken for high blood pressure. Eating foods high in potassim helps replace the potassium.

Horrible body cramps when I had high BG. Feels like someone is squeezing my bones.

Maybe your bgs have been high due to the infection. If you are urinating more, then more potassium leaves the body via urine, causing the deficiency.

Thanks for all your input and advise, its so nice to know your not alone. Happy New Year!

I get severe leg cramps so bad it would make a normal person cry. But I also have unconfirmed fibro with neuropathy in both feet. But I never had cramps with a sinus infections.

Please keep this as an open forum due to the fact that there are those who do.