Body is falling apart

Well 2 weeks ago I was retyped as Type 1 and now because was in the hospital with extreme pain in my lower right side, they think that I also have croan’s disease. Now I have to have a number of tests to find out for sure. My body can’t take any more. Was wondering if any one else here has this too?

I also have Crohn’s disease. Not very pleasant. After about 2-1/2 months of GI problems I ended up in the hosptial for 2 months. Two things I learned from that experience: 1) eat whether you feel liike it or not (it isn’t going to make your trips to the potty any less) and 2) drink, drink, drink! Keep yourself hydrated. Testing - went through 6 months of testing and 2 upper endoscopies and a colonoscopy. Finally a diagnosis. All the GI problems have played havoc with my BG, still trying to figure out how to adjust things when I am in a flare. For some good info and a support forum go to Make sure you have a good GI doc that you feel comfortable with and that is willing to communicate with you and your other docs.

I know it is hard but hang in there, It will get better! If you need to let your out feelings, guestions, or ? just let me know. Good Luck!!!

i have a family member just diagnosed with crohns’ a few months ago. he had years of stomach pain and other digestive problems before getting a correct diagnosis. he got put on a medication (not sure of the name) that he injects once every two weeks, and his symptoms have practically disappeared. he has to stay away from some foods that are high in fiber, but he’s feeling much better and for the first time in his life he’s putting on weight - which is a good thing for him because he was always underweight.

anyway, should you have the same type he has (just like with diabetes, there are several types) and require the same treatment, it should be a piece of cake for a t1 diabetic - avoid a few foods and take a little shot :slight_smile:

Jody, I am going to start a group for diabetics with GI disease. I know there probably alot of us out there but some just don’t want to talk about it. Please watch for the new group and join.

Hi Jody. Just trying to keep your discussion up front where people can see it. Sometimes they get lost with all the activity on the forum.