Bolus and Basal

I have looked for this information but maybe I need to look for it in better ways because I’m sure it’s there somewhere on the forums or elsewhere on the internet. My question is this: When we bolus, does the basal keep going or does it get interrupted until the bolus is over? I’m especially interested in the square or dual wave bolus scenarios that last about an hour or more.


The basal continues during the bolus. I can’t say for sure with every pump, but I cannot imagine why it would not. It should

I agree. The basal is like the old long acting insulin shot that would last for 24 hours or so. The basal is in the background and stays constant unless you program it to do otherwise…


As per my endocrinologist, the basal continues regardless of the bolus option chosen.

The basal continues during the bolus.It’s for sure.
I had a great improvement in my after meal BGL control using dual wave bolus.My problem was hypoglycaemia ( down to 50 or 60) 2 or 3 hours after meal. Now all is over using dual wave bolus. For example: I’m having a meal and I need, we say, 10 units of insulin. Well, I have a dual wave bolus: 5 units immediately and the other 5 units in 1,5 hours.

Now I have no more problem with hypoglycaemia nd my BGL is right, 3 or 4 hours later. Great!!