Bolus combos for mdi

can this be done?

What is your point? Obviously you can stack insulin (taking the next injection before the IOB of the previous shot has worn out). It is quite helpful for pizza and other fatty meals. So I use bolus combos all the time.

well, people on pumps are doing this and so yeah, i guess it would be stacking, which sounds very negative. im new at this and havent tried this stacking/combo bolusing malarchy, and basically eat salad, protein and fat, low carbing all the way. it would be nice t0 know if there is a standard time frame for different foods like pizza and fatty goodness, or if, yet again (h0 hum) its all individual.

maybe you could tell me how far out you spread your boluses and what percentage 0f insulin goes into each bolus, if you do mdi. thanks!