Bolus numbers 630g

I am a little confused. Why when I bolus say, .35 for a correction on my animas vibe , that on my 630g it says .350? That looks odd and it also looks like alot of insulin. Why the extra zero at the end?

.35 = .350 = .3500000 =.3500000000

Those are all the same numbers.

On the 630g you may be able to bolus in smaller increments so the extra decimal place is shown (e.g. you could bolus .355). Trailing zeros after a decimal point have no impact on the value of that number.

Agreed with katers87.

.35 = .350

I think it also implies a degree of accuracy. If it says .350, it should not be .352 or .349. Anyone with engineering experience remember this?

While you are correct, pumps should be very precise. I would be surprised if .35 on a pump could actually be .352 or .349.

I thought that .025 was the smallest bolus you could get?

That may be true on the 630g. The smallest dose you can use will depend a bit on the type of pump you’re using and how old the pump you’re using is.

I got a bolus number of 0.475. How much of a un it is that supposed to be? I understand .40, .50, 75 1.00 but not those numbers.

It is halfway between 0.47 and 0.48

Hit menu button—Insulin settings–scroll down to Bolus increment-- Change to 0.1 u per button press – makes life more simple :slight_smile:

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Do you mean .02~.03?

.2*.025=.005, so that would make the bounds .02 and .03, right?