Bolusing without remembering

I for the third time last night bolused without eating, knowing or remembering. I've been on the pod since 2008. Anyways, last night at 2:14 it says carb 81g at 2:24 it says 94 g of carbs and at 2:24 a.m. I took 7.8 units. Anyways, thats the second time i've done something like that. The first time i did it in the middle of the night it was a few months ago around the same time only it was only bolus for 13u. The first time was a few years ago, in the middle of the day and I was caught by my hubby...He had to wrestle the pdm away from me. Not sure what to do. Has this happened to anyone else? I was thinking maybe put my lock feature on...idk. All 3 times my husband figured i was low due to the sweating and suspended my insulin. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Wow, that must have caused a nasty low! I kept forgetting whether I took my shots so I jot a check mark next to each completed shot in my log. Locking the PDM might work and if not, maybe try a paper log at least for a while?

Is it that you bolused without remembering or that you made an epic judgement mistake. You could have been asleep and dreaming that you were at a restaurant. So maybe the problem wasn't that you didn't remember, but that you are vulnerable to "sleep bolusing." And even if you "lock" it, if you are dreaming, you certainly have the practice and capability to "unlock" it.

Perhaps you could buy a case for the PDM and put a combination lock on it at night and only give the combination to your husband. That way, you would have to wake him in order to access the PDM.

I'm guessing that my bs was already low at 2:24. I had taken a correction b4 bed, which I normally don't do but I had been running high all day, and I hate being high. Lets see if that will teach me to correct at bedtime:)

You might make more of habit to double check your history before going foward with more. Back when I was on MDI, I always hated when I couldn't remember taking a shot or not. I'd dig through the trash can counting needles to see if has used enough of them or not. Taking two long acting insulins is much more of a pain, you have lows all day long! ICK! Using my pump makes this so much easier since I now have a real history. So, at any time I can look and see what's happened.