The best way to go crazy is to start an online book business The problem is that with the economy everyone esle has the same idea and book princes have fallen though the floor At the same time people are not buying because they are scared of losing their jobs I have almost 4000 books for sale atthree different sites and I generally average about 3 sales This can be ok if the books are $10 but if they are penny books you have problems (You make the money off the postage) This week there have been two days without any sales You keep yourself busy listing more books so that they hopefully sell
and with about 5 to 10 thousand waiting to be lised it is keeping me busy
Meanwhile the diabetes has been very weird I have been up since 5 am with a 300 and I can not go back to sleep since I took 25 units of Humalog If I sleep the reaction could come on without me feeling it
They are starting some medical tests on Wed which I am not looking forward to but hopefully they will help
Cats are fine especially the villain Dog was a great help with the crisis He kept going under the furniture to greet the cat