Boo's Journey through Diabetes (with Susan)

Hi everyone

I found out I had type 2 in April 2010, when I passed out at work. My glucose level was at 30 and apparently that is very dangerous as you're heading for a coma ... I was widowed in 2009 and the medics told me that the shock of losing my husband brought on type 2. The fight or flight reaction that I had was quite natural of course, however, normally we are in that state for a few minutes. And my body remained that way for approx 4 months. I remember my heart banging in my chest so loudly that I could hear it in my ears, and I could actually SEE my heart beating when I look a shower.

So the first year, I kind of ignored it ... I ate semi-sensibly, I took my meds, but I stopped bothering to check my glucose levels when I returned home from a month in Australia to find that I had been burgled. It was too much for me. I didn't care if I lived or died to be honest. I was happy that there was a physical diagnosis that proved how much I loved him and how much it affected me.

A year later, of course, I realize that I don't need Diabetes to prove that. He knew that. I know that. And it is a major annoyance.

I am not afraid of death ... but I am afraid of losing my sight ... or a foot, so another widow friend who recently got type 2 and I are going to support each other, motivate each other through this. Because we need it.

I put all the pages together so that I had one place to go for anything I need to reaffirm or check, and did so while I educated myself.

Long intro, sorry :-)

Here is the blog: Boo's Journey through Diabetes (with Susan)