I’m here for support and not criticism. Given the fact that diabetes has changed my life, I can no longer go back to being the person I was. But thank you for your “concern.”

Thanks, Danny!

If you think that you can have good control of your alcohol consumption, then by all means you can enjoy some wine every once in a while. :slight_smile: It will lower your blood sugar, though, sometimes for as long as 12 hours… and then, make you high, if you had a lot of high carb meals before or after that event. So, moderation on carb consumption and how much alcohol you have is key… Some people report they do okay having pizza right before drinking. Your mileage will vary on that.

The liver considers alcohol to be a poison, so it stops processing any glucose at all while it is dealing with the “poison” you ingested, to try to move it out of the system as much as possible… So yes, people can go low during that time. Red wine has some benefits, and so does some beer. Too much, though, and you may be in hypo city, and then hyper city… One 5 oz glass of wine with dinner, or 12 oz can of beer is doable for most people, particularly if they are on insulin or meds.

I’ve always heard that alcohol will lower your BS, that’s why they recommend you always incorporate some food when drinking and I’ve found that to be true. I stay away from carb drinks and will drink wine, vodka or rum with diet sodas and calorie free mixers.

I don’t drink nearly as much as I did back in college, but I haven’t given it up totally either.

I’ve had up to a 6 pack of beer in 6 hours within the last two years and it does absolutely nothing to my BG. There may be a slight increase or decrease in my BG but it’s hard to attribute any change I might experience to the alcohol consumption. Mixed drinks are basically the same way but I may get a slight increase or decrease that I can trace back to the alcohol, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent. Wine taken right after dinner really seems to slow my BG rise.

Tropical drinks will raise my BG, period. I found out recently that mango margaritas, for example, seem to shoot my BG up wayyyyy higher than the mango juice alone would do. I pretty much have to leave the umbella drinks alone.

Don’t worry about her, she has no idea about what you’re talking about, in another post she said that she would call t1 the ‘prima donna disease’. I am starting to wonder if she is actually a troll

Yeah right, not long ago I had a hypo and I came too with a can of cider in my hand and my boyfs ashen face saying ‘we had no coke, we had no coke!!!’ So now cider is known as Hypo stop. Basically it’s good to carry around a wee botttle of vodka and a can of cider!!

See alcohol IS good for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

‘Drive by posting’ - That may be the best thing I’ve ever read :slight_smile:

When someone posts a post entitled “Booze,” says that they were a “heavy drinker” but managed to quit and wonders whether they should go back to it again, then my reaction, as a person who was ASKED FOR THEIR OPINION, is “no, probably it’s not a good idea for you to go back to being a heavy drinker.” I don’t see anything wrong with that opinion. I’ve known people with alcoholism and it’s a really sad situation.

If that doesn’t apply to the poster, then fine. But I find it highly ironic that a person who works with children with eating disorders would be unaware of the literature on addiction.

I have been doing what I do for a lot longer than you have had diabetes Frances. If the poster does have a problem I doubt accusing her of being an alcoholic on a public forum would do her any good. I am not going to get dragged into another pointless mud slinging match with you. This post is not about you and you are adding NOTHING constructive.

When you read through a person’s blog and they say that it was a struggle to quit drinking, and that they have “been sober for two months,” that provides a little more context about what is going on. I cannot in good conscience be an enabler of someone else’s behavior when deep down I don’t think even they want to go there. If you feel comfortable being an enabler, be my guest.

But you’re conscience does allow you to call all Type 1’s prima donna’s? Like I said nothing constructive. I have been doing what I do a long long time you know nothing about me, my methods or who I am. I do know that you are not helping. You don’t even want to help, you want people to notice you and have your say regardless of how obtuse it is. You just want attention. If you want to start a slanging match do it on MY page and keep your pointless unhelpful comments and innacurate musings about me OFF someone elses.

I’m sorry liz - I didn’t mean for this to hijack your post - I won’t be offended at all if you delete the posts above this. Sorry I should have just bitten my tounge

What I have is not “concern,” but concern. If I have misinterpreted the reasons why you shared with us your difficulties with alcohol in your blog posts, I apologize; but my general impression would be that a person who does that wants to be supported in their determination to be sober, even in a moment of weakness. As a parent, I hate to see anyone throwing away their potential. You’ve made some great changes so far, and I would urge you to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

We really are all different! I must dose for the carbs in whatever I am drinking the same way I would for food, taking into account whatever else I am eating. The BS lowering effect at night is so slight so as not to have to worry about it unless I over indulge. “College style” drinking results in lowered BS for pretty much most of the next day.

You know what? Test it and see. So much of this is individual.

I amT2. I test all the time to see what does what. I find that I can have a bourbon or two after a meal without much affect. So my Friday bourbon tradition hasn’t changed. Beer sends my BG high, (and I can’t cover it as I am not on insulin.) I like a beer but I can live without. I am not much of a wine drinker.

I think drinking and BG control are separate issues. You quit drinking alcohol for reasons completely unrelated to diabetes. Keep those reasons in mind before you decide to start drinking again.

If, for instance, you stopped drinking because you were either out of control or were hurting your health - those reasons still apply with or without diabetes. Please don’t make the mistake of justifying a return to drinking by using your diet as an excuse. Alcohol may be helpful to some people in their diet, but if you have difficulty handling alcohol - don’t bring it back.

Good luck with the smoking. What method are you using? I used a great support site on the web - I highly recommend it.



If you had read what I had written, AT ALL, I stated that I was NOT going to go back to being a heavy drinker. I wanted to drink a glass of wine with dinner. And can we stick to the topic at hand? I never said I had an eating disorder…

Having a glass of wine with dinner isn’t throwing away my potential, Frances.

No wonder there is a huge bottle of Vox vodka in my kitchen. I was wondering why that was there. =^)