Boston's Pizza, M&R Liquors, Heinenken USA and J.D.R.F? WHAT?

My local JDRF is having a fundraiser at a local Pub/Bar/Eatery sponsored by Alcohol basically... is this ok?

I responded earlier to a post about how the fast food chain Wendy's was selling ice cream to benefit Diabetes Research and I thought that was ok, Money is Money right?

I wish my local JDRF was more thoughtful when getting sponsors... what do you guys think?

Here is a quote from the Boston Pizza website about the JDRF

**Boston's, M&R Liquors, Heinenken USA and J.D.R.F are proud to announce the First Annual Fundraiser to benefit Juvenile Diabetes!**

Simply come in on February 10th from 5pm to close, purchase a heart for one dollar and enjoy complimentary appetizers and great beer specials from Heineken USA and M&R Liquors. Featuring the sounds of Tony and Ziggy the On Call Band.

I saw that too, in the event section here on tudiabetes. I found it a bit ironic. I am not sure I agree with it…

Yes, but in truth, would you not feel better if these establishments had to dig into their pockets more? Is having tobacco companies pay for lung cancer research bad? Or is it a proper levy of the economic burden? You don’t have to go and you don’t have to eat the pizza.

Next we are going to have an NRA fundraiser against domestic crime.

Mine here in Atlanta is having a benefit at the Sweetwater Brewery too. I thought it was a bit odd, but I can get a bunch of my non-D friends to come to it… maybe that’s their thought process???

Ya know… in a way, I feel like fundraising coming from these types of establishments would put people in a mindset to kind of think about what they’re eating… not just for themselves, but for the people that can’t have those things… and even feel more compelled to donate… I dunno. I know purchasing ice cream, for diabetes, would reaaaally have made me think about it more closely. Not that it’s my most favorite strategy – but the people who need to think about how Diabetes might potentially affect their lives or the lives of their loved ones are not necessarily eating at the healthiest places, if ya know what I mean?

I have no problems with this.

The more fundraising that is done, the better. Does it really matter if the money raised comes from those that are in a pub, waffle place or health food grocer?

I personally would love a to give a $1 and get free apps and a cheapish drink :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the fundraisers being held at food chains but when the cause is for Juveniles and children with diabetes, where do you see Alcohol fitting in?

That is my concern. Not the fundraising. I don’t have issues with selling Pancakes or Heart shapped pizzas, nor would I have posted this if the event was for Adults.

It’s like having your child’s bake sale at school sponsored by Bud Light and the local liquor store. That is more of my concern I don’t see that fitting in. The school board would have higher standards I am sure.

I am still going to attend the event even with all this Snow in the North East. I think! :slight_smile: THanks for the reply

Maybe you are right. Makes sense. You have to fundraise where the money is.

Go where your potiential customers are. My concern is more about the Alcohol. I guess seeing the Ads they have outside where they have huge posters with Heineken USA and M&R Liquors with a little JDRF logo in the corner makes it strange to me.

I guess I feel strange about it. The visual.

You have to do what you have do. I am in your boat. I am not sure if it IS a problem. I just find it an odd match with children and alcohol sponsors.

I am attending for the free apps like you said. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can see how it would look very odd… Like they were telling Diabetics it’s okay to go drink a lot, or something. lol Not that we can’t manage a drink here and there. :slight_smile:

Ditto John!

I say…let me have a big slice of pizza and a beer. Let me live normal, find a cure, and I don’t care who gives the money to fight this crazy problem. There are way to many young people that need a good, natural life…and research into curing instead of “taking care” is so important for them, and if it happens in time, me too. Now I have to bolus for just thinking of the pizza. and the beer too!

sounds like a good party.

Not everyone who will give during this event has diabetes. With that said, I enjoy Pizza and Beer in moderation whenever I can. I will never say to someone, no matter who they are… “no, you can’t help raise money to cure my disease”.