Bought my first car yesterday!

Thats right! after a month of working, I finally saved up enough money to get this

a dark purple 1999 Saturn SL1! :smiley:

after going through highschool without a car I’m finally free!
…too bad i spent all my money on it and won’t have enough to get it registered until next week, so all i can do right now is just look at it :frowning:
I cant wait until next thursday!

Right on! Congrats. My wife had a very similar car and it worked great for her.

Congrats, well done! Nice looking :wink:

Yay! Congratulations on your first car!! Have many, many Good years of adventure with this and future cars. I know you know But: Always check your sugars before getting in your car and stop/check during a long drive. Keep juice, glucose tabs or candy easily available in your vehicle. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Congrats! Freedom!

Congratulations! Be safe.

Congratulations Timmymac.

Way to go TimmyMac! Good work and great car!
We have a 1999 Saturn SL2 and would get another and another but this dang '99 won’t wear out! We haven’t put a lot of miles on it but it’s still impressive that she has the same basic ‘body parts’ she had 12 years ago and still rides around like new. We like that the doors are backed up with solid panels and the body itself has this ‘memory’ thing. When the car got dinged one time (someone drove into our home, through the garage door and pushed both cars into the house), the police estimated several thousand dollars damage. After they left, we heard a loud POP from the front of the car and Behold, it hath healed itself! No joke - the big dent had simply undented itself. She still needed some cosmetic work but, considering what had happened to her, she stood up really well. Not sure if the SL1 has a back seat that folds down to give you a long trunk like ours, but that’s another huge help when we’re travelling and need more room!
Just wanted you to know that you got yourself a dependable car and hopefully you will have many enjoyable and safe miles in your ‘new’ Saturn!

thanks for the good review :slight_smile: and i checked the back seat and it DOES in fact fold down. I was wondering why the carpeting in the trunk was so easy to move around. i didn’t know it could do that until you said something

Glad I could help!
We have a little rhyme in Canada re checking our BG before heading out: “Gotta be 5 to drive” but that doesn’t translate too well in the US. You’d need to be 90 to drive? Either way - Be Safe out there!
Two more sleeps 'til Thursday :wink:

in a cruel twist, my work schedule changed from 5:00-3:30 to 5:00-1:30 tomorrow which would give me more time to get to the dmv. HOWEVER, my dad’s changed from 8:00-4:00 to 6:00-5:30 which is 30 minutes AFTER the dmv closes. I would take myself but, ahem, no car >.< I guess i have to wait to till friday

I thought my town was the only one that built it’s main DMV office totally off the bus route! I suppose, now that you are the proud owner of your very own cool purple car, you couldn’t possibly entertain the idea of paying money to ride in one of those noisy, fetid, smoke-billowing passenger vehicles we affectionately refer to as Buses!

i COULD ride a bus but i dont live in the city its self. i live a few miles out in the suburbs. after a day at work i would rather not walk 2 miles to the nearest stop. thanks for the suggestion, but ill just wait until friday

One more sleep.