Box prices

What it the best price youve found for a box of pods I need some extra so I can biuld up a reserve. And insurance don't under stand so far the cheapest if found I think is from my supplyerNaborhood diabetie s for $250 at lest I think that's what they said. I need at least 1 box let me know Thoughts

I'm not sure what your prescription is written for. My endo writes mine for a pod change every 2 days (I can usually last 3 but not always so this is actually true most of the time). That way I can build up a back-up supply. You could see if yours would be willing to do that for you.

I’ve built up a large supply of extras by having my doctor write my prescription for a change every 2 days. I found out that my price per month was the same if I ordered 1 box or 2, so I went with the obvious choice of 2 boxes per month. The current supplier my insurance uses is Advanced Diabetes Supply out of California

I am at every 2 days so the insurance only gives me 15 a month I wish they'd give me the other 5 just trying to find the cheapes t way to build up a supply

One idea would be to use the pod for basal needs only, but then to give yourself a shot for your meals/carbs. (You could still use the PDM to figure out what your bolus would need to be with the carb calculator, but then just give yourself a shot for roughly that amount.) That could maybe help you stretch it out to three days, depending on your basal needs, of course! Or you could eat fewer carbs! :-)