I just got my latest blood test results
HbA1c =5.4%
Total cholesterol = 3.4 mmol
Hdl =1.9mmol(73.5mg)
LDL = 1.2mmol (46.4mg)
Triglycerides 0.6mmol (53.1mg)
I’m proud of myself

Wow, great numbers! You prove it is possible! J/k. Thanks for sharing, and I hope to have numbers as good.

Good for you Hana, you earned a few bragging rights.

Congratulations! You should be proud!

That is just awesome! Congratulations.You do deserve to brag.

You should be proud! Keep doing what you are doing :slight_smile:


Keep cutting back on those carbs. A little bit as a rare treat is all I have

Hana Those are great numbers…I have total A1C envy…lol…mine is 8.7 …your other numbers are also fantastico…And you should be proud of yourself…


N I C E!!! Great job! Share how you achieved this?

Ok here goes!

I have cut my carbs right down . I don’t count accurately, but about 30-50 per day. I also try to eat very small portions.
Mainly I eat Meat, fish, eggs, cheese and green leafy vegetablesPlus tomatoes, which I adore… I do Occasionally ( very occasionally) treat myself to something with carbs, but in SMALL portions Eg I had half a croissant with my coffee in the supermarket a couple of weeks ago. My exercise class friend was eating a donut in front of me and I begged a bit about big enough to fit onto a spoon. I got the taste and it was enough.
I go to exercise classes in and out of water several times per week. Use my feet as my main means of getting about. If not then the bus, where I still walk to the bus stop. I do a 4 mile hike over hills at least once a week.
I have got used to this way of life and not only am I getting good blood results, but I have cut my medication to 2 x 500mg Metformin per day only and I keep very well. I had a SHORT attack of cystitis a few weks ago, which cleared with over the counter medication and other than that, not even a cold for months.
I don’t feel deprived, and even though people ask me how I can do a 4 mile hike cross country, on a breakfast of cold chicken, I’ve adapted. I now need to get my “Stuck” weight moving again.
I’m a good cook and prepare most food from fresh ingredients. I’m a T2 since 2003, but I’m married to a T1 with multiple complications;eyes, feet, kidneys. And I’ve got him into most of my lifestyle and he’s improving. Eye healing well after surgery Foot ulcers cleared and kidney function improving so much that we have hundreds of pounds worth of Erythropoetin in the refrigerator, which he doesn’t need to use. In the UK, once dispensed, It cannot go back to the pharmacy, even if still sealed.

I guess you can carb-restrict if you are an adult. Is this type of diet good for a Type 1, though? I can see that you deserve more than bragging rights; the type of lifestyle you describe sounds far from easy. Niece is Type 1 and still a child. Will you always have to stick to such a strict regime or can you modify it a little later on?

My lifestyle is easy. I am totally adapted to it. It’s now natural for me. Yes Type 1s can do it. That is the basis of Bernstein’s treatment.
If I want to keep my numbers where they are, and even improve on them. I can’t lapse very often, but once in a while is ok. The problem is that what was a rare treat, when I was a child, such as icecream, has become an everyday thing. People now feel deprived if they can’t have treats daily or more than daily.
Burgers arrived in Britain when I was young and If I got one during a school vacation, that was a treat and much appreciated. And it was small in comparison with current sizes. We ate at home, fresh cooked food. Potatoes were boiled and other vegetables too. French fries were for high days and holidays. We walked to school, until we had to go into the nearest town, so then we walked to the bus stop. That way of life was healthy. I wasn’t deprived. My family was not well off, but we never went hungry. In my own way, I have returned to the lifstyle of my childhood. It is that way because it must be.