Brain fog

Does Anyone connects gerd with brain fog. I don’t know if this is related to diabetes or related to gerd but since I stopped my medication for gerd I get intense brain fog but with no other symptoms.
Does this sound fimiliar, I Would love to benefit from your experience!

Gerd: acid reflux

What is GRED?

Acid Reflux

I believe it is GERD Gastrointestinal Esophageal Reflux Disease.


Welcome to Tud, Lisa. It’s been my experience that gut health plays a large role in my brain and mental health. There’s been a lot written about the emerging role of gut health in its overall influence on our welfare. Many articles document its effect on the health of the immune system.

My experience with GERD was the discovery that the root cause was that my stomach acid was too low, a condition known as hypochlorhydria. I suspect that years of taking a class of drugs known as Proton Pump Inhibitors actually made my GERD worse. I’ve been off of the PPIs for 4 years now after taking them for decades.

My eyes were opened by a naturopath who encouraged me to stop taking the PPIs and instead treat my episodic GERD symptoms with vinegar. Although extremely skeptical, I tried the suggested protocol and was surprised by the immediate relief that the vinegar provided. I still treat GERD occasionally but it’s much less often and severe now.

I don’t know if your case is similar to mine but I thought you might consider my experience. PPIs are only meant for short episodes but many people like me used them for years, with the full cooperation of their doctors.


You’re right I’ve been taking it for e years now , the brain fog affected my work so much before and now it’s back , my problem is that I have very mild gerd symptoms except for brain fog unless my sugar is high that’s why I stopped taking PPI , were you’re symptoms mild?

My GERD physical stomach symptoms were much worse than my brain fog. The brain fog lifting was more perceptible when my digestion and bowel habits improved. This only happened more recently, much after the initial GERD improvement. This latest improvement came after a supplement protocol (4 supplements over a one-month period, repeated once) suggested by my functional medicine doctor.

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That is gerd, not GRED. Hope you get some responses now.

Surprising enough GERD is caused in a lot of people is by not enough stomach acid versus too much which is how it’s usually treated. Apple Cider Vinegar can work great in those cases. Sometimes after time the lining to the esophagus or stomach is compromised by years of having GERD. My husbands went completely away with taking Lane Innovative’s Nature’s Lining, it took about 3 months of taking it. His was really bad, he was starting to wake up choking at night. It really was an amazing fix. It’s chewable zinc carnosine which is better than by pill because it hits the esophagus better. They do have some more information on their website about it. We found out at the store some people might need to take Mastic Gum with it if it returns in a second round.

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I think my brain fog is from fibromyalgia. It’s very frustrating.

I don’t know about GERD but have experienced brain fog due to candida. Which is an overgrowth of yeast that essentially makes your gut produce alcohol. It’s typically caused by antibiotics OR chronically high BG (the Dr.s who studied this consider anything out of non-diabetic range to be high BG). I used a product called Candessence which is amazing but you can also use cream of tartar. Start with 1/4 teaspoon in water, twice a day and slowly work up to 1 teaspoon, twice a day.

Once you are at the full dose keep taking it for a week or until the brain fog lifts. It’s really important to slowly increase the dose or you will get a die off reaction which is really unpleasant.

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I definitely get brain fog from high BG. I can feel it when I get really rapid BG rise (or fall). Maybe that is related. Note: There is no acid reflux variable at play with me.

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