Brand New to Pumping with General Question

Hello everyone! Brand new to pumping and to this site! In fact, I have my pump but it's still in the box until the 9th when the trainer is coming. The pump is the Accuchek Combo.

Couple of questions:

- Been reading "Pumping Insulin" and doing some of the things in the book in preparation for the trainer and getting started.
- I have everything onhand I need to get started and for the first 90 days (little short on insulin in the bottles but I figure I can refill the first empty bottle from the Novolog pens I will left over). I know that's not ideal but I don't want to waste them. May still end up having to find someone to give some pens too though (definitely will on the Lantus).
- I have 90 days worth of infusion sets and cartridges.
- Ordered a couple of different cases as well.

What am I missing that I need to do or just haven't thought about?

Thanks in advance!


First…you can draw insulin from the pens. You don’t have to put the insulin into an empty vial. Sounds as if you’re pretty well prepared. Once you have your basals/times, you’re good to go. I’m assuming you already have your I:C ratio. Good luck