Breakfast suggestions

I’m looking for some breakfast menu suggestions. I eat breakfast around 7:30 AM. Lunch for me is at 11:00. I teach school so I can’t stop class to have a snack. I’m usually starving and experiencing lows around 10:00. Any suggestions for a long-lasting breakfast?

Sounds like we’re in the same boat. My school lunch is also at 11:00, but I eat breakfast around 6:15. I never eat fruit for breakfast, as it tends to make my blood sugar spike, then crash. I make sure I have milk or yogurt, as my body seems to digest them more slowly. Peanut butter on toast helps make your food last too.

Why can’t you have a snack with the class? I teach middle school and I always allow for a mid-morning snack. We don’t stop what we’re doing, but allow for students to pull out a healthy snack. It’s a good opportunity to educate your class on healthy eating!

Thanks for responding Toni…I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but we cannot stop the teaching process. I teach 1st grade and it takes them 20 minutes to eat their snacks at the regular snack time. I hardly have time to breathe, much less eat. My principal is aware of my diabetes and would not show any opposition to me stopping to eat (she is a super principal), but I’m not supposed to let students have anything to eat until lunch and our school policy states that snacks cannot be offered or given to students until after 1:00. When you’ve got 18 1st graders staring at you while you eat, it’s uncomfortable…I’ve explained it to my kids and they’ve seen me check my blood sugar many, many times. I guess it’s just me. I’ve actually created a WebQuest called Healthy Meals…Healthy Lives, that my kids complete. The task is to plan a meal for me by visiting several nutrition websites for kids and also visiting diabetes websites. They have to make sure the proper foods are used with the correct serving sizes as well.

I also dare not eat fruit by itself for breakfast…I also will spike then crash terribly. I also cannot eat just cereal either. I do better with half of a sandwich or cheese toast or sausage biscuit. I really need a protein in the morning. I’ve had peanut butter on whole wheat bread many times. It seems to work well. My lows seem to be coming faster. My worst time seems to be after breakfast. I keep “no-sugar added” apple juice or milk and I’ll drink several swallows of it quickly to bring my sugar back up and to hold me until lunch. It’s just the most aggravating part of the day for me. What’s your favorite breakfast - that also holds you the longest?

Talk to your doctor about Symlin. It’s a hormone that slows down the absorption of your food, so perhaps it would hold your food longer. There is a group on here specifically for diabetics on Symlin.

For me, I’m all about quick in the morning. We have a 16, 13, and two 3 year olds, so I don’t have time to make much of a breakfast. Probably my favorite would be an English muffin with peanut butter and some light jelly. Don’t forget the coffee and nf milk!

It’s 5:30 am here (west coast) and I’m up to go shopping. Åm I crazy?

Thanks for the info!! I’ll ask my Dr. about Symlin. Morning lows are so aggravating. Shopping…YUCK…I do not like shopping, especially at 5:30 am. Best wishes on finding those sales!


I eat breakfast around 6:00 a.m. I normally have Smart Balance Natural Peanut Butter on wheat bread, with a banana, and a serving of low-fat flavored yogurt. I normally eat lunch around 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

By switching from JIF Peanut Butter to Smart Balance, at a doctor’s suggestion, I lost about 15 pounds! When it was first suggested I strongly objected because I had tried a natural peanut butter before. Her suggestion was to ad some honey to the peanut butter. It is a huge improvement!

To handle any lows, I keep nuts on hand (cashews or mixed nuts). My wife bought me some flavored glucose tablets. They remind me of Life Savers. They work well, and I think that they would be good for you in your situation. I think she found them in the diabetes section in the (where else?) Walmart Phamarcy.


Going shopping at 5:30 a.m.? Yes you are crazy! But you are not as bad as some folks in my area who were at JC Penneys at 4:00 a.m.!

Thanks for the breakfast suggestion. I’ll pick up some glucose tablets…they may be my best bet for a quick low-key glucose pick me up in class. I’ll also give the honey in PB a try too. Thanks again!

I always make sure i get in some protein with breakfast. I’m a college student so it’s a bit different but similar as I have to eat breakfast early before class and get a lunch break around 12 most of the time.

I like having skim milk in the morning coz it provides some carbs and protein and keeps my blood sugar level. With that I also have 2 slices of low carb multigrain bread with peanut butter, cheese or sometimes an egg. I find that when I add protein to my breakfast i stay full for longer and i don’t crash low even if i need to have a late lunch.