Breakfast time


Currently I’m taking 25 units Tresiba in the morning between 530 and 600. I’m not a big breakfast eater but feel I need to eat something but am getting tired of eggs. Have tried cottage cheese, greek yogurt to try to carbs low. I do suffer from DP so my BS is always higher in the morning.

Any suggestions? Do I need to eat first thing in the morning with my dose? Can I wait until 9 or 10am?


Tresiba is a 24 hour flat basal insulin. Do you take any other oral medication? Seems like your plan may need to regroup. I am able to eat old fashioned oatmeal, then I walk. Do you exercise after you eat? Good luck. Nancy50

How much higher are you going?

Brainstorming (not all of these are, for sure, effective strategies, so lets check with others):

1.) Prebolus or correct with short acting upon waking - Maybe by as much as an hour or two
2.) Take a little extra tresbia in the AM
3.) Take the Tresbia in the evening - split the dose if need be
4.) Go on a dexcom and a pump

Only you will know this for sure, but I wouldn’t think there’s any rule that you need to eat first thing in the morning. Its all about you and how your body is working.

I’m guessing that if you deliver some short term correction first thing in the AM, you should be able to eat without going high over the next 2 - 4 hours.

I also take 100mg Januvia. I just switched from Lantus to Tresiba due to rapid crashing after dosing Lantus. So there’s still some anxiety of going low.

Yes, exercise when I can. Usually mid morning and afternoons for about 15 minutes, either walking or elliptical.

No short acting insulin, just the Tresiba and 100mg Januvia, both taken in the morning. Don’t split doses. And I’m on a Dexcom. Tried a pump 5 years ago, didn’t like it.

I’ve got a message in to my Endo, just wanted to see what thoughts here may be.

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Metformin maybe?

I’ve asked a couple of times, but at one point I reported side effects from it so she won’t prescribe it. But that was YEARS ago.

Eggs are a staple of almost any breakfast low carb or not. The trick to avoiding boredom is how they are prepared.

There are a million places on the web offering low carb food ideas including ones for breakfast, most but not all include eggs. I printed a low carb keish recipe the other day that we have not tried yet but are looking forward to.

Below is a quick search of promising recipes that I just preformed, but don’t stop there there are many more to be found.

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These guys all say that Metformin can have a tendency for side effects for SOME people, but that there are some alternative medications that are similar to Metformin.

I understand. I wonder if it’s because I’ve been T2 for so many years. I don’t know why she’s resistant.

I’m going to keep pluggin’ away on the Tresiba. Will get these fasting BS’s down!

One other thought. Do you eat a small snack at night with a little bit of protein to help lower morning blood sugar? Nancy50

I will eat some greek yogurt or cottage cheese but still high. Last couple of nights have stopped eating at dinner and am still high. Nothing for breakfast but iced coffee with heavy cream and 2 splenda…still rising.

How are you doing? Following up from your post. Nancy50

May I suggest nuts? They are a healthy snack. Believe it or not, I eat a chocolate donut for breakfast every morning and so does my husband. Taking Metformin has kept our A1C at 6.0 for a long time now. Doesn’t seem to matter what we eat. My husband said being too strict with your diet and also taking meds every day can make your sugar get too low and then you can pass out. This is what he fears cause it happened to him last year. Now he says he feels better eating sweets every day and doesn’t care as long as his A1C is good. And it always is. We also take statins for cholesterol but still eat what we want. The statin keeps our numbers healthy. I know not everyone can do this but so far our meds have worked wonders. We eat healthy foods but also junk too.

I think it is very unusual for someone on just metformin to have such a low that would make you pas out. A donut is about 30 carbs. That is what I eat ,but I eat oatmeal and walnuts with a splash of milk. When this happened was his blood sugar checked? Be safe. Nancy50