So I started trying to lose my baby weight a few months ago. I asked you all for advice on a few things, from my basal rates to my calorie intake, and your advice was VERY helpful. I have so far lost about 10-15 pounds, my basal rates are perfect so I don’t get low all the time, I’ve lost fat and gained muscle, I got over the beginning “hump” of decreasing food and increasing exercise, and I started taking Judo classes. You could say life is going pretty good for me right now. I just have one problem. During the week I have to be at work at 8:30 and I usually eat lunch around 11:30. No matter what I eat for breakfast, which usually consists of 100 percent whole wheat bagel or english muffin with peanut butter, or cereal, or eggs, or a banana, and coffee, my tummy is always rumbling before lunch. Sometimes it’s so bad that I have to eat a granola bar just to get it to be quiet. I’ve even tried things like Muscle Milk and Extend shakes/bars for breakfast, but I still get the rumbles. It’s not my blood sugar getting low, I just get hungry for some reason. And this always happens whether or not I work out in the morning before work. I try to stay hydrated, although I could drink more water. But when my tummy is growling, water just doesn’t sound appealing to me. And I sit at a desk for most of my time at work, so it’s not like I"m overaly active at work. Does anybody know a secret food that will stay with me? Thanks for your help!!!