Breaking the "sick" cycle

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can to prevent getting sick so often? I’ve had three colds that have lasted a week or longer over the last two months.

It feels like I’m caught in a cycle of sickness because I get sick then I don’t have the energy to cook good foods, so we end up eating more processed than I’d like. I start to feel better, get back into my exercise routine, get worn down again and the cold returns. Any ideas of what I can try?

I’ve had a flu shot, I take vitamins and my blood sugar is under good control (when I’m not sick). I’m not getting a lot of sleep as I have a 10 month old and a three year old at home. There aren’t a lot of people to help us unfortunately.

Is Vit .D amongst the Vitamins you take ??..This one changed my life as far as colds is concerned and used to get
" doozers " …a good word ? Not in the last 3 years since added Vit D 3 ( an osteoporosis gal ) …1000 IU daily plus calcium with Vit D …total 1600 . My sleep pattern not the most perfect either …aging process at work …no babes as in your case Kelly .DF suggestions great too …hand washing constantly !

Keep your immune system healthy. Try and get enough sleep (although having a baby may be a little set back) maybe some naps when baby is asleep too?, eat plenty of fresh fruit (fruit that are low carbs like berries) and vegetables, exercise regularly, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and keep stress levels to the minimum , wash your hands often.