Breakthrough diabetes management software under development


Ever experienced the situation of being at your doctors clinic and sitting while he is trying to make sense out of all of your pump readings?

If you are a pump user and you use carelink, or the equivalent software to download your information from your pump I am sure you know exactly what Im talking about.

A new free online based program, which is already starting to give results, reads the same file from your pump that medtronics webpage does, and helps you or your doctor understand the massive amount of information stored in your pump from previous weeks, months or years.

It lets the user personalise whatever diagram it wants to see, making it very easy to understand the data thanks to its dynamic charts. Not only that, but the online platform also analyses the data and automatically searches for trends, patterns, and root causes for blood glucose readings that are out of the target range.

This means that just by uploading the pump information, the program will immediately show the user what day of the week might be more prone to suffer high or low blood sugar readings, or what time of the day is more out of range, and study if the cause might be the basal rate, the carb ratio, or the sensitivity that is configured into your pump! This way we can check it and make the correct adjustments to improve our control.

Ill keep you posted. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Is there a link that you can give out?

Can you give more info on who is doing this etc. Many thanks.

With most patients testing around 5 to 7 times a day I do not think it is justified to claim that the platform will identify ‘root causes for blood glucose readings’. What about physical activity, delayed digestion, different digestion patterns of different foods, temperature and so forth? It sounds too optimistic for me. So please provide more details.

Holger - Founder of