Breastfeeding and sugar alcohols

My 5 month old baby has been pasing multiple green watery stools daily last couple of weeks, but is otherwise in good health. I eat a diet low in carbohydrates which seems to be slowing the development of my diabetes ( I am a LADA discovered in pregnancy, then on about 50 units Insulin, now taking about 12 units daily divided evenly on long acting and short acting insulin). I take a big bowl of dark hot chocolat with sucralose and maltitol sweetener in the morning. And I eat cakes made on almond flour and polydextrose and sucralose every day. At times this gets me feeling quite bloated, so I was wondering if it might be influencing my baby ( even though she has been ok with it before last 2 weeks). Any comments? I havent found anything to confirm my worries on the net, I d love to hear from other diabetic moms about this topic!

Hi Shirin! I don’t know the answer to your question, but we have a group for pregnant women and there are lots of moms there! Maybe if you try posting your question there as well, you will get more responses! Click here.