Bret Michaels Fears Nothing

Bret Michaels, the former lead singer of Poison, stars in a reality show on VH1 called "Rock of Love". Bret has also been a type 1 diabetic for 38 years.

In the show, Bret is interviewing a pool of skanky broads in hopes of finding his true love. I've been TIVO-ing the show for a few weeks, waiting for any references to his diabetes. So far I've only heard passing references, although I've been mostly fast forwarding because I do not want to lose any more brain cells. So I could have missed something between the catfight and stripper pole scenes.

Anyway, Bret's website features two diabetes-related items for sale. There is a shirt that I think is pretty cool with a portion of the proceeds benefiting JDRF. The front has a picture of Bret and it says: "Bret Michaels Diabetic." The back says: "32,360 injections, 103,120 blood tests, and counting... Fear Nothing." There is also one of those rubber bracelet things that says: "Bret Michaels. Diabetic. Fear Nothing."

If you're a fan of Bret's from the show (or even if you're not) you might want to check out his store.

Ha–i checked this show out…i read a post on here about it…after watching it i decided one thing for sure - Diabetes does not make you smart! That guy has the brain of a 13 year old boy.

I watch it pretty much the same as you…TIVO, FF, RW and then i call my husband in to see the ridiculous stunts----how about the “Talk Dirty to Me” game—nutty—yet oddly hilarious.