Bret Michaels Health Scare

Breaking news for Bret Michaels fans: Bret has had a massive hypoglycemic event at his show in Manchester, NH tonight. According to Pete Evick, a friend who has been with Bret for 19 years, Bret has never looked quite like he looked tonight. Pete described him as looking like "a stranger", then left the stage only to return to tell the fans that he could not continue. When Pete reached Bret in the bus, Bret was barely able to speak but was able to tell his friend to apologize to the fans. He's being evaluated by paramedics and Pete says he will keep people updated on Bret's condition throughout the night. Let's keep Bret in our thoughts and prayers. Just another reminder of how precarious diabetes management is and how easily it can go off track. Stay updated here: or here (if you can get through):

Those things are so scary and come on so suddenly.

Mom had a really bad episode Wednesday morning at 4 am. Her alarm clock went off and I went to check on her because she hadn't turned off her alarm. She was drenched in sweat like someone had thrown a gallon of water on her. I was able to get her up in a sitting position and get a glucose shot in her and two tablespoons of strawberry jelly. Checked her BG, it was 52.

Thirty minutes later I made her some breakfast and checked her BG 115. Mine have never been that bad thankfully.

Sorry to read about your mom, Kate! My mom has had episodes that low, too. Thank goodness you were there to help. I've had lows even lower than that (20s as my lowest low), but thankfully, I've had people around to help when I've been that low. Hope you never have to go through that, or if you do, you have someone around to help!